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Why You NEED a Second Shooter For Your Wedding Day.

Hiring a photographer is one of the biggest decisions you'll make for your wedding day. There are many great photographers out there and when you find the photographer with the style and personality you gel with, it's like a the fit of a custom suit or a perfectly tailored dress. That photographer makes you feel more comfortable on your wedding, and in turn will be able to deliver you a better finished product.

Having that perfect Photographer is key, but there is one additional photography service I recommend to all my couples. A Second Shooter! There are several reasons you should spend a little extra money for a second shooter on your wedding day.

•Peace of Mind

Wedding days happen fast! You only have a first look once, you only walk down the aisle once, you only have a first kiss once, you only have your first dance once. Those moments happen fast, and having the peace of mind that two photographers are capturing your moments is very important. Not only does it help you relax, it helps your photographer relax that much more as well. Even the most experience photographers will say having a good second shooter takes a little stress off of them and allows them to do even better work.

•Different Angles

Moments are happening all around and it's impossible for one person to capture everything. A primary photographer's main responsibility is the Bride and Groom, but there is so much more going on around on your wedding day. See examples below.

•Price Is Going To Second Shooter

Most times the price increase isn't even an "upsell" to your main photographer. As for myself, and many in the industry, nearly all of the additional cost is to pay the second shooter. It's not a money grab for me to just make a few extra bucks, if anything it's actually more work for me in the end, but I'm 100% ok with it because I know it is a better delivered product to my couples.

•Feel like a Rock Star

Ok this one is a bit vain, but there is something very satisfying about having not just one, but two photographers following you around for a whole day. You are the center of their world, and they are watching your every move. It is your special day.... feel like it's your special day.

Here is an example of a shot that would not be possible with only a single photographer. The primary photographer is at the end of the isle getting the up close pictures you must have. A second shooter is able to capture the larger than life moments that wouldn't be possible with just one.

Why you need a second shooter for you wedding.
Moment captured by second shooter.

This is an example that may not seem like much of an example, but it would have never been captured with out a second photographer. This photo was taken while the primary photographer was taking some portraits of the bride and groom, and the wedding party was looking out the window of their trolly. It's such a simple and beautiful moment that the bride and groom didn't get to see, but will get to experience because they had a second shooter.

Why you need a second shooter for your wedding.
Moment captured by second shooter.

Jason Strohbehn

JLS Photo

Moments Remembered: Captured by JLS Photo

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