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Best Vendors of 2019

2019 was a fantastic year and I've put together a list of my personal favorite vendors that my couples used last year. I'm not sponsored by any of these vendors and have not been paid in any way from these vendors. These are simply my personal favorites of 2019 and companies I recommend to my customers. Some vendors I actually worked with late 2018 but did such a good job I couldn't say anyone overtook them in 2019.


I'm a huge fan of natural light. So the more windows or ability to shoot outside, the higher on the list I will have.

Lincoln: Junto Wine

Located on Junto Wine's Vineyard 10 miles west of Lincoln on Highway 34, this venue is an absolutely gorgeous all-in-one venue. They have the ability to do indoor or outdoor ceremonies, and the reception venue is brand new. There are countless locations for wedding portraits around the Junto grounds. Enjoy Junto's different wines or a fully stocked bar. They are welcome to any food caterers. Large fire pick and covered patio make for an amazing indoor/outdoor reception setting.

Omaha: Live Stock Exchange Building

Window, windows, window. There is so much beautiful natural light in this venue it makes for amazing photos for your special day. Since it's also a larger venue, you shouldn't have a problem fitting most of your family and friends.


Food Trucks: I'm a huge fan of food trucks. It's such a unique and fun way to feed your guests. his method is a bit harder to pull off with traditional wedding venues in town, but if you have a venue with its own parking lot or outside of the city where there's plenty of room outside the venue, I recommend giving it a try. If you do go the food truck method, I recommend having 1 food truck per 100 guests as there can be lines during the feeding time. This is also a good option if you don't want a set of eating time as people can grab food throughout the night and not have to feel like the dinner is rushed. There are some food trucks that are better than others, but there hasn't been one that I've hated.


Whisk + Measure

This is an absolutely fantastic bakery for anyone with or without special dietary needs. Gluten-Free, Keto, Paleo, Dairy-Free, Vegan, or "regular", Whisk + Measure can make a cake for you. I've had the luck of trying so many different kinds of their treats and not a single one has disappointed.

Hurts Donut

Donuts are a nice transition from traditional cakes. They're actually easier to serve and clean up as well, so if you're having family help with serving (rather than the venue) this can make it a bit easier on those involved. Hurts has a ton of fun flavors and you can pick 4-5 of your favorites to serve at your wedding.


Chaos Productions

Jesse from Chaos is hands down the best DJ I've had at a wedding. His unique mixes of songs are far from cookie-cutter and he keeps the party flowing the entire time. Along with other services like spark machines and photo booths, Chaos will keep your reception rocking all night!

Photo Booth

Memory Box

One of the coolest photo booth companies in the game. In addition to standard photo booth setups, they have a super fun slow-mo 360 video unit that is a blast for your guests. I can get my weddings a slight discount, so reach out if you're interested.


Infinity Production

Andi and Andrew are a great husband and wife team. They're a great addition to your memory capturing team. In addition to video, they can do a same-day edit that is shown at your reception.


Garbo's Salon

Large, clean, and inviting salon. Plenty of room for all your ladies to do hair and makeup at the same time. Reach out to Clair Wight and tell her I said hi!

Magnolia Hotel Omaha

This beautiful hotel is also a great wedding venue, but their Honeymoon Suites are an amazing place for the bridal party to stay the night before and get ready the morning of. As well as a great place to spend your wedding night. The honeymoon suites are large and beautiful. There are so many other vendors that deserve shoutouts, but it gets hard to keep them all straight. There also many vendors I would not recommend based off my clients' experiences. Definitely don't hesitate to reach out and ask questions about vendors you're looking at. I'd love to help with your planning! Jason Strohbehn

Wedding Photographer Owner of JLS Photo

Lincoln, NE

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