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Why Hire a Professional Photographer for your Real Estate Listing?

In a real estate market where it seems houses sell within days, what is the benefit of hiring a professional photographer? It can seem like a waste of money or time. I assure you that having amazing photos on your real estate listing can be the difference between clicking to the next listing on the page, or stopping to take a longer look.

More Leads

Research from Zillow shows that listings with professional photos receive 61% increase in page views to their cell phone or point-and-shoot photo comparisons.

Higher Prices

On average, houses listed in the $200k-300k range average $1800 more in closing price with professional photos. Houses nearing $1m can see increases of over $20,000. The power of capturing 1 or 2 more potential buyers is undeniably powerful. Especially in a market where an owner expects the house to sell very quick, the power of attracting extra buyers in a short time is crucial.

Impressing Your Current Clients

Your seller wants to know you are going above and beyond to sell their house. Hiring a professional photographer shows your clients, you are doing everything you can for them.

Gaining New Clients

There are two ways a professional photographer helps you gain new business.

First: Your current seller will continually refer you if your house is represented well. The power of a referral can often be priceless.

Second: Owners who are getting ready to sell, are also often looking to buy. A new buyer has often been looking at home listings for a few months before calling an agent. In this time they have consciously or unconsciously noticed how different realtors represent their listings. This new sellers experience of homes on the market, can be the difference in calling you or calling the realtor with professional photos to list their home.

Professional photos for your home listings are a crucial part for your online marketing strategy. JLS Photo specializes in Real Estate photography and is here to help you. Please contact today if interested. Contact Jason Strohbehn today to set your home listing apart from the competition.

JLS Photo, Jason Strohbehn is a Lincoln Nebraska based photographer specializing in Wedding, Family, Event, and Real Estate Photography.

Jason Strohbehn


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